The MIND, BODY & SOUL - PSYCHIC AND WELLNESS FAIR is returning this Fall 2021.

  We strive to offer some of the region's best psychic readers, astrologers, mediums, and healers AND a variety of truly awesome vendors.

Again - we are returning with an amazing line-up!

Fall 2021 - See You Then.

Details will be announced in March!
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Our list of participants and their offerings are posted below.  In this time of an economic crunch for many, your call to inquire about their current services is deeply appreciated.  Much Love to All.

Candace Lord is a psychic medium, an intuitive card reader, a numerologist, an ordained minister and wedding officiant.  She is also the host of this Fair! She is currently offering intuitive, mediumship and numerology readings by phone.  Call for your appointment today!  Website:      Email:   505-328-3734

Kristin Gonzales, M.A., Moonstruck Pathways is offering distance healing Reiki treatments and a variety of transforming services. She is professionally trained to coach individuals on the Autism Spectrum, serving to help with real life, social and communication skills.  Kristin’s company, Moonstruck Pathways, provides Social Media Management for Mind Body & Soul Instagram and Facebook media, as well as Event Management Services. Book now and take advantage of her specials.  505-934-3707

Rev. Marya OMalley.  Readings for clarity and insight for personal, career, & spiritual matters. Wondering about moving? What’s happening? Developing your intuitive gifts? She is offering a variety of phone and online services including psychic and mediumship readings, mentoring for psychics, healers, & mediums, and intuitive development circles for informed beginners through advanced intermediates.  22+ years experience.  (505) 318-2128

Susan Zummo is a Master Teacher of Higher Awareness, P.A.T. Inc. Intuition training and Soma Pi (tm) healing, Integrated Awareness graduate, Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnotist, Interfaith Minister and Reiki Master with over 25 years’ experience.  Call her regarding intuitive readings and Soma Pi healing.    (757) 275-4071

Elizabeth Prosapio, aka RAVEN, using her amazing knowledge of Tarot, offers information and inspiration, as she reads the cards.  Call for your appointment today! 505-281-4824   Website - Email: 

Richelle Kemper.  Richelle is a Restoration Master Energy Healer, a Sacred Priestess in the Order of Melchizedek and a Channel for the Archangels and Ascended Masters.  Call her about her services and the amazing product line she offers.  Be Strong and Confident -   720-891-3123

Donna Lindbloom - Dominion Tarot.  Donna shares her gifts using Intuitive Tarot and Hypnotherapy. She is a Certified Usui Reiki Master and a Mystic Medium sharing healing messages from your departed love ones. Available for phone/ Skype readings by appointment.  Don’t miss her Wednesday noon Facebook live appearances!

Richard Prosapio - Coyote has been reading Tarot for well over 35 years and is author of "Intuitive Tarot" and his latest "Becoming Coyote". Want a feet-on-the-ground real life reading? Coyote is the one for you. 505-281-4824

Jason Antalek – Akashaman - Akashic Record Reader.  Jason bases your reading session on information in your own Akashic Record, looking into the energy your soul was created with and how that relates to your current incarnation.  This knowledge empowers you through recognition of your Divine gifts, often discounted because we are taught to work with what is difficult for us; not to take “the easy way out.”  The information gathered and delivered here always resonates because it is your own energy. From there we can address problems and solutions, answer questions and receive guidance, and identify past life issues that are showing up for you now.  This empowering information can be life altering.   website:

Kasandra M. would be honored to help you on your path and bring clarity to your current situation.  From birth, she has been blessed with the gift of intuition and sight and truly loves being able to share it with others.  Her approach is more of a therapeutic one. With her cards as her tool, she provides a visual guide along with channeling messages using her intuition to help guide you and process emotions. What to do is always entirely up to you.  Kasandra M. simply provides you with an outline or road map of sorts containing information, various possibilities, and outcomes.     (515)454-0421

Danelle Becklund CH is a Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotherapy and has a Master’s Degree in Counseling.  Danelle has extensive experience in using hypnosis for improving confidence, reducing trauma, stress relief, pain relief, spiritual hypnosis, reducing anxiety, managing depression, past life regression, and children’s issues. As a professional intuitive, she offers Psychic, Tarot, and Mediumship readings and Energy Healing sessions.   505-321-4121 •

Dr. Vladimir Turek is an energy healer and body worker with a medical background and experience of 20 years. He provides his services in Albuquerque - Santa Fe area. His focus is on life crises, personal and spiritual growth and psycho-emotional well-being, nutrition, metabolism and energy healing. Give him a call and see how you could benefit from his services.  505-629-2036   Path Towards Wholeness, PO Box 32782, Santa Fe, NM 87294 skype: PathTowardsWholenesswebsite:   email:

Blooming Prism Soul Growth – Arie Archuleta with Blooming Prism Soul Growth is a Certified Sacred Creatrix, Bee Priestess, Crystal Guardian/Reader and Intuitive Guide. She offers spiritual healing through medicine or crystal readings and can guide you about all the crystal companions ready to work towards your growth in spirit.  You can follow her on Instagram at bloomingprism    Facebook:  Just as a garden needs tending, so does the SOUL!

Marlene Worrall - Artist J. Marlene Worrall is a spiritual medium (The Golden Key) offering readings and presenting all to her world of Channeled Automatism Tarot/Oracle Acrylic paintings. All  her commissioned artwork is painted along with a spiritual reading by the artist.  Find her at

Bee Well Wellness, Jessica Bell, LPN, CHWC is here to focus on helping women become healthier and happier. It’s important to be informed and educated about your health from a non-biased outlet. She is here to help with stress reduction, nutrition, self-care, mindfulness and adding exercise into your life. A certified health and wellness coach for 2 years and a nurse for 6, let her coach you to become the best you!   Website:   Instagram: BeeWellWellness  Email:

Ginger Mason - Mason's Trading Post. Amazing offerings of Turquoise Jewelry, Rocks and Crystals and much more. Interested in Divining Rods? Want to learn more about Paranormal Investigations?  Check out her incredibly offerings at

TruArt of the Earth.  TruArt of the Earth brings exquisite & unique specimens of high energy and healing crystals to you.  Visit their store at 2411 Calle de San Albin, in Mesilla, New Mexico or check out their Facebook page for some serious oooos and awwws and info about the metaphysical properties of minerals and crystals.  Contact (505) 620-5129 or

Care Designs. Carey McDonald creates unique pieces of beaded jewelry to support women’s independence and spiritual growth. Among her creations: lavender pins to help calm the nerves and Bracelets for independence.  505-980-9820

LaVon Blu. A luxury bath and body line created by the mother and son duo Sharon and Jordan Gateley. Their mission is to provide natural beauty products that work and feel better than the conventional creams and cleansers available today. A true commitment - 100% natural ingredients. 100% organic essential oils and butter, no sulfates, no fillers, with natural preservatives to prevent bacterial production. Soap bars are Cold-Processed to ensure the best quality of our New Mexico ingredients. Visit then at www.

Wildweed Flower.  Tonya Lovato, owner of Wildweed Flower offers a wonderful array of products perfectly suited for just about everything! From her high-quality line of CBD products to spirit bundles, jewelry, backpacks, clothing and much more, you are sure to find something right up your spirit alley! Find her at

Enchanted Sugar. Hand-poured soy candles and essential oil-based skincare products. Fabulous scents. New Mexico True Certified and wildly popular! Find Enchanted Sugar on Facebook

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